How to be a better copywriter and make more money in 2013

How to be a better copywriter and make more money in 2014

Do you want the respect, the rewards and the results you get from being a successful copywriter?

If your answer is “yes” then let us teach you the the copywriting skills that will help you reach any goal you set yourself. More sales, increased personal wealth and wellbeing, a faster-growing business: they’re all within your grasp.

Teaching you to write better copy:

  • Breakthrough Copywriting (self-paced, distance learning)

    This video-based course gives you an excellent grounding in the fundamentals of writing to sell. (Plus a few expert tricks and tips, too.) You get 5.5 hours of video, 33 exercises and a 300-page manual. Full money-back guarantee.
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  • Digital Copywriting essentials (1-day workshop)

    Are you writing copy for the web? Or email? Digital content or social media? Is copywriting part of your wider responsibilities? Would you like to gain practical experience of what works online and why – or just brush up your skills? This practical, fun and interactive one-day workshop is for you.
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  • In-house training (100% bespoke)

    If you are part of, or manage, a team, talk to us about creating a copywriting course tailored to your needs, your business, your markets, your channels. Every course is bespoke and we can design courses and workshops for up to 16 people. Find out more

Free copywriting tips on your iPad

If you have an iPad, you can download our free app, CopyWriter. Swipe the lever and it types a copywriting tip for you.


How would you like results like these?

  • Tim Connor: "sales/email up 20x"
  • Sally Ormond: "turnover up 73%"
  • Derek Isaacs: "fees up 300%"

Three different copywriters. One common factor. All trained by Andy Maslen. So don't go yet. Take our free copywriting reports and share in our success. (Unless you're already as good as you can be, of course.)

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