How to enjoy the results, the rewards and the respect you deserve as a fully trained copywriter

How to get the rewards you deserve as a fully trained copywriter

Dear Copywriter,

You know that there is a way to get all the money, success and freedom from the daily grind you could ever wish for. By acquiring or sharpening your skills as a copywriter.

Think about it. Every entrepreneur, every start-up, every company and organisation you can think of needs a website. Not just a website by the way.

… press ads … newsletters … marketing emails … brochures… and guess what?

They all need somebody to write them

Savvy business owners know there’s no point trying to write copy for themselves. The results simply don’t justify the investment. So what do they do? That’s right!

They hire someone like me. Or maybe…somebody like you. So let me ask you a question. Could this be the day you start taking your copywriting where you know it belongs?

The day you start to get what you want…

…higher sales … more clients … a better income … or a new and better job.

If you like the sound of that, your business career could be about to change. For the better. Hi. I’m Andy Maslen and I’d like to invite you to join a group of marketeers, entrepreneurs and copywriters who have mastered the art and craft of copywriting on our course: Breakthrough Copywriting.

You will see how to use professional copywriting techniques to explode the results you get from your copy. From websites and emails to sales letters and brochures. And all at your own pace.

Watch the video: copywriters say why the course works

The guy speaking is Damien Seaman, copywriter and crime writer. He was was one of our first students and now works with direct response legend, Drayton Bird.

Learn direct from a copywriting master

As you go through the course you see and hear me teach you, in widescreen, HD video, exactly how to turn out high quality marketing copy. From the way you plan to your first draft, from your editing process to the way you check your work. From openings to closes and everything in between.

Best of all, as well as being on DVD, the videos are all hosted on this website. So once you’ve enrolled, you can watch them on your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or even on your TV.

You can also join our Linkedin group, where you can post your comments and questions, and there are special pages on this site where you can study my model answers for the exercises.

All yours – DVDs, 300-page course manual and swipe file

The course takes you, step-by-step through every aspect of writing fantastic, results-getting, client-pleasing copy. You get ten video seminars on five DVDs including a special bonus session, plus 33 practical exercises to complete.

The 300-page course manual comes in a sturdy ring binder with space for your completed exercise worksheets, plus a few little extras from me.

On its own it would more than justify your investment in the course. In fact, there’s probably as much or more information in it than other courses give you as their only offer. Scroll down to the next section to see just how much you can learn from the manual alone.

The manual contains these extra sections:

  • Appendix 1 Further reading – a list of books specially selected by me to add to your understanding of the craft of copywriting.
  • Appendix 2 Glossary – every single technical term in the manual explained, from ‘catfish’ to ‘passive voice’.
  • Appendix 3 Andy Maslen F IDM – your way to check my credentials.
  • Appendix 4 Swipe file starter pack – a selection of classic and contemporary copywriting for you to learn from and use as the basis of your own swipe file.
  • Appendix 5 Index – a fast way to find the section you’re looking for.

Here’s a sampler video.

What you learn – the course content

Session 1: Getting Ready for Action

  1. “The main part of the copywriter’s job is thinking.”
  2. Exercise 1 The Planning Dividend
  3. The benefits of planning
  4. What does ‘planning’ even mean?
  5. Who are you writing to?
  6. Exercise 2: Prospect research
  7. The classic rationalist assumption that ruins good copywriters
  8. “Stop being so emotional”
  9. Exercise 3: Uncovering your prospect’s motivations
  10. Deadly sin headlines
  11. Planning essentials – how to do it
  12. The copywriting brief
  13. Brand guidelines and what to do about them
  14. Exercise 4: Picturing your prospect

Session 2: Three Useful Planning Tools

  1. KFC
  2. Feeling groovy
  3. What do you want them to know?
  4. Exercise 5: Turning features into benefits part 1
  5. Exercise 6: Turning features into benefits part 2
  6. Objection Overcome
  7. Exercise 7: Objection Overcome
  8. Appealing to your prospect’s self-interest
  9. Commitment-phobic?
  10. Exercise 8: After reading my copy, my prospect will:
  11. Introducing The Time Machine
  12. Exercise 9: KFC

Session 3: Structuring your copy for maximum impact

  1. The killer structure that guarantees selling power
  2. Exercise 10: Grabbing Dave’s attention
  3. The big idea
  4. The $2 billion sales letter
  5. Exercise 11: Making benefits interesting
  6. Go for the big benefit
  7. Keeping up with the Joneses
  8. Down-to-earth language
  9. Other structural copy planning tools
  10. Exercise 12: Analysing a sales letter for AIDCA

Session 4: Mastering tone of voice

  1. What is tone of voice?
  2. Why does tone of voice matter?
  3. Exercise 13: Recognising tone of voice
  4. How do you create a tone of voice?
  5. Changing vocabulary
  6. Changing syntax
  7. How do you modify tone of voice?
  8. Exercise 14: From impersonal to personal – changing tones
  9. Register
  10. Exercise 15: Cashing in on register
  11. Judging tone of voice
  12. How far should you go?
  13. Exercise 16: Modifying tone of voice

Session 5: The simple style that sells part 1

  1. Brevity
  2. Exercise 17: Defining a paragraph
  3. Look out! The Anglo-Saxons are coming
  4. Exercise 18: Using Plain English words and phrases
  5. Exercise 19: Rewriting noun-heavy copy

Session 6: The simple style that sells part 2

  1. Punctuation power
  2. Active versus passive voice
  3. Positive not negative
  4. Metaphors, similes, clichés and more
  5. The usual suspects: five types of copy to avoid
  6. Ripping up the rule-book
  7. Split infinitives
  8. Conjunctions at the start of sentences
  9. Prepositions at the end of sentences
  10. Turning nouns into verbs
  11. Starting sentences with adverbs
  12. Enough already with the rules
  13. Exercise 20: What Plain English sales copy sounds like

Session 7: How I learned to stop worrying and love writing headlines

  1. How to create a winning headline
  2. Practical advice
  3. The thrill of the new
  4. Tell us a story
  5. Scare the pants off them
  6. Questions, questions, questions
  7. Exercise 21: Headlines for your product

Session 8: Tips and tricks the experts would rather keep to themselves

  1. Staying focused on your prospect
  2. Storytelling
  3. Exercise 22: Retelling a case study as a story
  4. Essential ingredients
  5. Exercise 23: Story opening for an email
  6. Flattery
  7. Creativity and fresh ideas
  8. Techniques for keeping your prospect on the hook
  9. Layout tricks
  10. Sentence length
  11. Don’t be boring
  12. The seven mystical words of power

Session 9: Editing and proofing your copy

  1. Ten-step editing checklist
  2. Introducing the PLUSS dashboard
  3. Exercise 24: Using the PLUSS dashboard
  4. Three pro-editing tips
  5. Cut unnecessary words
  6. Exercise 25: Cutting unnecessary adjectives and adverbs
  7. Clichés
  8. Exercise 26: Translating clichés into Plain English
  9. Woolly phrases
  10. Exercise 27: Tightening flabby copy
  11. Tautology/redundancy
  12. Exercise 28: Making redundancies
  13. Abstract nouns
  14. Exercise 29: Pouring concrete on abstract nouns
  15. Superlatives
  16. Jargon
  17. Proof-reading – our boring but necessary friend


Exercise 30: Review of progress

Session 10: Writing copy for the web

  1. Internet copywriting myths and what to do about them
  2. Seven golden rules for successful copywriting for the web…
  3. … and three web-specific disciplines to learn
  4. SEO and what to do about it
  5. Keywords
  6. Keyword density
  7. Keyword optimisation
  8. Keyword consistency
  9. Exercise 31: Writing SEO copy
  10. Meta tags
  11. Title tag
  12. Description tag
  13. Keyword tag
  14. Exercise 32: Writing tags
  15. Hypertext
  16. Style for the web
  17. Exercise 33: Copywriting for the web should be:
  18. Email copywriting
  19. Subject and from fields
  20. HTML or plain text
  21. Length
  22. Tone and style
  23. Spam filters
  24. Is selling possible?
  25. A/B testing

A peep into the future

A short chapter with some predictions for copywriting.

Bonus session – how to ‘sell’ your copy

Ideas and advice on how to persuade the decision-makers that you know what you’re talking about.


About your tutor


I have been a professional copywriter since 1986. For ten years I learnt my craft in the marketing department of a research publisher.

I wrote direct mail letters, brochures, leaflets, press ads, exhibition materials, catalogues, web pages, press releases, emails, slogans, reports…pretty much everything you can think of.

Then, in 1996, I left to set up my own copywriting agency – Sunfish. We write marketing and advertising campaigns, digital content and corporate communications for some pretty big names as well as start-ups and SMEs.

I have trained and coached around 1,500 copywriters, both in small groups in-house and on my public and distance learning courses.

I’m the author of four books on copywriting including Write to Sell.

My approach to training is very hands on and consultative. My aim is to help you get a firm grip on the skills that can propel you into the ranks of the world’s best – and highest-paid – copywriters.

Special bonus gift worth £37

Power Presenting

Order the course now and you will receive a special bonus gift: a free copy of our Power Presenting toolkit.

You get a 31-page e-book and two ready-to-use sample presentations.

I normally charge £37 for the package but as a “thank you” for enrolling it’s yours free.

Just a quick note to say what a brilliant resource you included in your email. I battled with ‘The Fear’ for years each time I had to present in my former career (PR), which really was a pain considering I was constantly pitching or having to present project reviews to clients. Your ebook not only made me smile, but also made me realise how common it is to experience the unpleasant effects of adrenaline at the very moment you want to look your most professional – even for those who are very good at hiding it!” Sally May

How it works

Enrolling on Breakthrough Copywriting is quick and easy. Just complete the form below and you’ll be taken straight to the web page of our payment partners, Eventbrite.

Let’s just remind ourselves of your tuition package:

  • 10 video seminars, lasting on average 26 minutes (5.5 hours in total).
  • Bonus video on how to ‘sell’ your copy.
  • Fully-indexed 300-page course manual.
  • 33 practical exercises with model answers on the Academy website.
  • FREE courier delivery (UPS).
  • Money-back guarantee.

Order now risk-free and join the elite group of copywriters already benefiting from my teaching – just £347 + VAT

As a distance learning programme, the course ‘starts’ every day. So in the starred field below where it asks you to pick your start date, just hit the next available date. As soon as we receive confirmation from our payment partner – Eventbrite – we will send you your course materials by UPS courier. PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering from outside the UK, contact us as we need to sort out VAT requirements first.

Once you’ve paid, I send you your Power Presenting toolkit worth £37 PLUS your full course materials pack.




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  • Sally Ormond: "turnover up 73%"
  • Derek Isaacs: "fees up 300%"

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