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2013 April

The “Childish” Sales Technique Your Clients Will Actually Thank You For Using

What is that for? Why? How did I get here? When is it my birthday? Are we there yet? Children have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge (or maybe just for answers). If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a...

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Q. Andy, should I become a freelance copywriter? A. Do you have a hide like a rhinoceros?

Should you become a copywriter? Here’s the good news. Copywriters get to spend their days writing. Copywriters can make good money. Copywriters generally enjoy what they do. And here’s the bad news. Copywriters...

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Five people who make you look bad (3 of them are copywriters)

  Lurk on a copywriters’ forum for long enough (about three seconds) and you will come across a post complaining that, “clients don’t respect me”. The copywriter has slaved over a keyboard for hours, days...

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“Shower toilet?” Really?

                    This is currently my least favourite ad EVER.   The copy (what there is of it) is woeful. The image incomprehensible. The typography a...

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Marching to the Tweet of a different drum

He is one of only a handful of full-time professional freelance Tweeters. #whoishe He spoke at Who Needs Copywriters? on Friday 19 April 2013. #wnc2013 He’s a drummer. Which is massively relevant to this...

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Annals of REALLY bad email marketing #730,873

The entire content of an email I just received. Note the non-ironic company name....

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Why most of what you read on marketing isn’t worth the pixels it’s made from (and a 3-point test to filter it)

              I bet you’ve read a ton of stuff on marketing. With content marketing very much the flavour of the month, it seems that everyone is pumping out articles, infogra...

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What copywriter wrote this?

                              Today’s Grand Prize – £50 off Breakthrough Copywriting if you can correctly guess what the he...

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Breakthrough Copywriting – course syllabus

Here is the syllabus for our online course – Breakthrough Copywriting. Click on the session headings to expand that section and see the detailed topics you cover. Order now risk-free and join the elite gr...

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