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2015 April

A confession: I was wrong about copywriters who ‘love words’

I admit it. I’m a sham. Until a week ago, if anyone asked me what I did, I always said I was a copywriter. The end. A tradesman, not an artist. And definitely not a ‘writer’. I was wrong. And...

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Here comes the judge. An interview with #copywritersunite creator and copy maven Vikki Ross

Now and again I meet someone who, it seems to me, really gets copywriting. Not only that, but they have a refreshing perspective on the business itself, rather than merely a rehash of 50-year-old ideas about he...

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Why being a ‘curator’ is a lame choice for reputation-building

In a moment I’d like to tear into the Curatorial Myth that collecting links to other people’s work like a trainspotter with an iPhone is somehow valuable work. But first, I’d like you to take this s...

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