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The Future of Copywriting by Gemma Stride

Looking Back Before Looking Forward The craft of copywriting begins with a love of words from an early age. Being a keen reader, I can remember having my nose stuck in a book for a lot of the time. I would alwa...

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Why I Gave Up “A Day’s Wages” To Attend PCN2014

The annual PCN conference is the only national meeting for copywriters in the UK. That alone should make it a must-attend event for anyone serious about their craft. Or who just fancies a chinwag IRL with fello...

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18 free copywriting ebooks

Here is a list of 18 sites offering free or almost free copywriting ebooks and PDFs to help budding copywriters find their feet. I have linked directly to the download/signup pages so you don’t need to hu...

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Ten people I want to thank for teaching me what matters in writing

1 My Mum For showing me that the best way to get a company to recompense you for poor service isn’t blowing your stack at the till assistant, but by writing a calm, measured and detailed letter to the CEO, item...

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7 Warning Signs You’re About To Waste Your Money on a Worthless Copywriting Training Course

So you want to become a copywriter? Excellent! I’ve been a copywriter since 1986 and it’s a great way to make a living. A good living, if you can do it right. And you’re researching the market for training cour...

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Why I’m speaking at the PCN 2013 conference

Something unusual is happening later this year. A conference for copywriters. I’ve been in the business for 27 years and never even heard of such an event in the UK. The organisers are Tom Albrighton and...

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Maslen’s Hierarchy of Fees

Here is a diagram, no, wait…here is an INFOGRAPHIC that maps the relationship between supply, demand and income for freelance copywriters. I call it the Maslen’s Hierarchy of Fees. (In the hope that someo...

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Breakthrough Copywriting – course syllabus

Here is the syllabus for our online course – Breakthrough Copywriting. Click on the session headings to expand that section and see the detailed topics you cover. Order now risk-free and join the elite gr...

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