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Why wasn’t I told this before? Oh, wait a minute, I was.

I have just read a post by one of the most popular bloggers on content marketing, full of such pearls of bleeding-edge wisdom as: Home and other key pages should have a prominent headline. Poor colour contrast,...

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Vintage Bovril advert

I found this old poster on the back of a crappy little print in an even crappier frame in a junk shop in Wells,Somerset. Mine for five pounds, thank you very much. The original is on the wall just above the scr...

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The sales secret many marketers ignore

Two salesmen decided to hold a month-long competition. The loser would have to fork out for a five-course dinner for both of them. Tom discovered something in the first couple of weeks. Each day, he’d wear a di...

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(Type) size matters

You’ve paid good money to a copywriter to craft a persuasive narrative about your product. Now you need the message packaged in a form that will interest your customers, moving them to the point of response. In...

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Making the leap to print (or the web)

Whether you find copywriting easy or hard, there comes a point when you have finished your final draft. Everyone’s happy: the marketing manager, the marketing director, the managing director, the company mascot...

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