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The Sharper Point

The scariest blog post you will read this year

What are your goals as a freelancer? Higher sales? More free time? More respect from clients? A reputation as the go-to-guy or go-to-girl in your town, industry or profession? And how are you going about achiev...

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7 Sure-Fire Recession-Busting Tips for Staying Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

I don’t know what business conditions are like where you are, but round our way, it’s been tough going for most of 2013. I want to share seven techniques I have used over the years to win new clients, keep my f...

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How to be confident in a world full of anxious freelancers

Imagine this. You are about to go into a meeting with a prospective client, the MD of a big local company. As you sit in the reception area, here are a few ideas that might be swimming around inside your head:...

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