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Long copy ad for Rolex – 1971

Luxury goods don’t need long copy? Pah! Check out this ad from 1971. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE....

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Copywriting genius Bill Bernbach picks a lemon

    This is one of the ads that made me want to be a copywriter. It’s written by Bill Bernbach of Doyle Dane Bernbach. He took David Ogilvy’s classic three-column layout and used it for VW...

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Woman and Home, September 1972, press ad selection

Here’s a small selection of vintage advertising aimed at the readers of Woman and Home magazine from September 1972....

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Sales letter from the beginning of the Twentieth Century

Look! A sales letter from the beginning of the Twentieth Century. You have to love the tone of voice,particularly, “…and trust we may have a continuance of your orders”. But look carefully – they’re using every...

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Vintage Bovril advert

I found this old poster on the back of a crappy little print in an even crappier frame in a junk shop in Wells,Somerset. Mine for five pounds, thank you very much. The original is on the wall just above the scr...

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1953 Windolite sales letter

Look at this great example of old-school copywriting. Lots of “you” and “your” – though a fair smattering of “I” too. A P.S. and plenty of reassurance that the product is easy to use. And it’s easy and cheap, t...

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1950 Mayfair Garages letter

A mailing from the 1950s. Still with a plain old typewriter typeface – because in those days that’s pretty much all there was. Lucky them. Great example of a teaser leading the reader on in the second paragraph...

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