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Christmas Tweets from Santa

Christmas requests

It seems even Santa uses social media these days. But what would the jolly old soul tweet about? As a recovering tweeter I left it to our Creative Director, Jo, to speculate…


Santa_Claus – Saint, advertising man, sleigh driver, reindeer wrangler; into Christmas, brandy and mince pies


Not sure if I love my job or hate it. 364 days of holiday then one completely MANIC shift that goes on all night. #crimbo

@Chief_Elf How’s it going in production? Heard a lot of weird, high-pitched giggling from the stuffed-toy department earlier.

RT @EasterBun “Chillin’ with my homies. Is there anything better than chocolate eggs?”

INFOGRAPHIC Supply chain optimisation for 3.5 billion global deliveries in 8 hours. bit.ly/76frta

Just had a double grande spiced toffee latte in Caffe Blanco. Think the server likes me – she put an extra shot in. #Stillgotit

OK, four hours till C-day. Off to check the team.

CRISIS ALERT!!! Blitzen says he’s feeling depressed. Can’t face any more sooty carrots.

.@StreetTripleGirl Thanks for tip. Have promised Blitzen cheese platter when all deliveries done.

#ff @ToothFairy @EasterBun @MrsCrimbo @Frostyjack @maninthemoon @Sand_Man

Mrs Christmas says she wishes we had more money. Told her “as long as you’ve got your elf”. #tumbleweed

New blog post – 37 gifts you really don’t want to give your children bit.ly/fddoiyy

RT @jayleno “Supreme Court rules against nativity scene in Washington, DC. Not for religious reasons. They just couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.”

For Pete’s sake. Just seen shop sign offering Christmas Tree’s. #apostrophail

@WildWoman Need you to teach me how to upload Instagrams of mince pies and sherry.

Thx for RTs @FAOSchwartz @Hamleys @Smyths

OK, 3 hours to go. Sleigh getting last-minute waxing from Alf in Transport.

getting a real buzz now yeah buzz buzz buzz, bizzy bee buzzin might be the double grande spiced toffee latte. #jittery

I know ’tis the season of goodwill but I’d like to kick the traffic warden who just slapped a ticket on my ride.

Where’s my belt? Anyone seen my belt? I had it a moment ago and now it’s gone.

Found belt. Under belly. Diet starts on 26th. #feelingfatagain

Almost ready to go. Team harnessed. Cargo loaded. SatNav updated.

@MrsCrimbo Love you too babe. Gotta go. For the kids.

@Dancer You know, I’m right behind you. If you needed to go, why didn’t you just ask before we left?

@Rudolph I think I prefer it not flashing to be honest.

OK, signing off for now. Got some toys to deliver. #Merry #Christmas #HoHoHo

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