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The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy

The Future of Copywriting – by Chris Smith

Here is the winning entry in our 2014 Blogging Competition – “The Future of Copywriting”. Among a strong field, Chris Smith triumphed. According to the judges: “A tightly structured and...

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Seven (more) reasons why copywriters should blog

Some time ago, I read a blog post by my friend and fellow copywriter, Tom Albrighton, titled, “7 reasons copywriters should blog“. It’s a great post, and in an attempt at provocation (which, I...

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Why I hate grammar nazis

Here’s a little tip for getting traction in the Twittersphere. Tweet about grammar. I did it this morning, asking why copywriters feel that “good grammar” matters so much. Roughly eight milliseconds later my Tw...

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Why I Gave Up “A Day’s Wages” To Attend PCN2014

The annual PCN conference is the only national meeting for copywriters in the UK. That alone should make it a must-attend event for anyone serious about their craft. Or who just fancies a chinwag IRL with fello...

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Is rigid thinking holding you back from copywriting greatness?

Being a copywriter is a lot like being a chameleon. Not the whole eye-swivelling, gross metre-long sticky tongue rocket thingy, but the ability to blend in with one’s surroundings. In our case, those surr...

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18 free copywriting ebooks

Here is a list of 18 sites offering free or almost free copywriting ebooks and PDFs to help budding copywriters find their feet. I have linked directly to the download/signup pages so you don’t need to hu...

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Story and its authority and impact (without a particular char.)

How hard is it to put out a blog post that has a point but still has no … in it? I took this on as a task to find out if it was worth it. My work follows. (This is not my only try: I did it months ago, too.) So...

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Puzzled by infographics? Calculate their true value here

Ah, infographics, doncha just love ’em? All those pixels – all that effort. So little content. Here is my simple method for calculating the value of the next infographic that crosses your transom. M...

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10 Controversial Truths About Content That Will have You Spitting With Rage Or Smiling Contentedly Over Your Keyboard

Now I know how Daniel felt. Me – Mr If-you-can’t-count-the-money-it-isn’t-worth-doing – and 30 or so content specialists getting ready to debate how content marketing might evolve to survive as a marketing disc...

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