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The 7 telltale signs you’re reading “zombie copy”

She stands, screaming. Her feet refuse to move. She is rooted to the spot with terror. Slowly, inevitably, the bloody, walking corpse approaches. Arms outstretched, snarling, it reaches for her. It is hungry. A...

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M*A*S*H and the art of copy-editing

You know what triage is don’t you? It’s when a bunch of people all turn up at A&E (the emergency room) together and the specialist nurse checks each one to quickly decide who needs treating first and who la...

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How to profit from simplicity

“In the last few years, the number of electricity tariffs has gone up, from 180 to over 400. In the same period, consumer applications to switch electricity suppliers has gone down by 25%.” I heard that on the...

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A simple but effective way to ask for the order

It’s no secret that to be a good salesperson you have to ask for the order. But to be a great salesperson you have to ask for the order in a way that makes your customer feel good about it. In the insurance bus...

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How to ask for the order

Last month we talked about desire. Get people craving or longing for your product (or, to be more precise, feeling that your product can deliver whatever it is they’re truly longing for or craving) and you’re a...

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Write your call to action first and get better results

The call to action (CTA) is usually the line or paragraph at the end of an email, brochure or letter inviting the reader to respond. Most often, the desired response is an order of some kind. But it might be si...

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