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What to buy for the copywriter in your life

What do you give to the copywriter in your life? Well, unlike the man or woman who has everything, this person is likely to be a little more needy. And, it turns out, easy to buy for. To round off this year of...

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A Christmas fable

“Yo! Elves!” The burly, leather-clad man grunted with effort as he swung himself down from the menacing-looking black SUV, and pushed the wraparound mirror sunglasses high on his shiny forehead. “Where’s my pos...

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Advice to letter-writers from an expert

The old man trudged to his front door, opened it and smiled wearily at the postman, who himself was staggering under the weight of the mail sack slung across his aching back. “Another one for you, Guv. See you...

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The most important letter I’ll write this year

In my job, I get to write a lot of letters. Maybe you do, too. Over the last 20 years or so, I have, I think, developed certain skills that help me write good ones. But recently, I have been struggling with a l...

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