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How to get well-paid work as a freelance copywriter

Congratulations! You kicked the corporate career to the curb (or maybe you never had one and went straight for the good life). You did some training. You hung out your shingle as a freelance copywriter. You, um...

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7 Warning Signs You’re About To Waste Your Money on a Worthless Copywriting Training Course

So you want to become a copywriter? Excellent! I’ve been a copywriter since 1986 and it’s a great way to make a living. A good living, if you can do it right. And you’re researching the market for training cour...

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Breakthrough Copywriting – course syllabus

Here is the syllabus for our online course – Breakthrough Copywriting. Click on the session headings to expand that section and see the detailed topics you cover. Order now risk-free and join the elite gr...

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18 questions you should ask (and answer) before investing in a copywriting course

There are quite a few copywriting courses being advertised on the web. Ours, of course, but also offerings from the Copywriting Apprentice, American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) and others. Everyone wil...

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