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David Ogilvy

What links Darwin, road deaths, cold bugs and long copy?

How do you feel about people who say they don’t believe in evolution? What about folk who claim wearing a seatbelt causes road deaths? Or the ones who want antibiotics for their colds? There’s no evidence for t...

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Why wasn’t I told this before? Oh, wait a minute, I was.

I have just read a post by one of the most popular bloggers on content marketing, full of such pearls of bleeding-edge wisdom as: Home and other key pages should have a prominent headline. Poor colour contrast,...

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David Ogilvy teaches us how to write for the web

Though I never met him, David Ogilvy taught me more about advertising in general, and copywriting in particular, than anyone else. (Drayton Bird comes second, but only by a Rizla paper’s width.) DO’...

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Buried copywriting treasure

For this article, I’m reviewing and recommending the five best books I’ve read on copywriting. Each one is worth its weight in gold and will, at the very least, ensure you get off work a little earlier. (I’ve p...

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