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Ten copywriting ‘rules’ you should break before you die

Rules, eh? Doncha just hate ’em? Do this. Don’t do that. Show me a rule and I’ll show you a baseball bat. Copywriting is plagued with rules. You know, you buy a book by someone who says they’re going to teach y...

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The Copywriter’s Prayer

Oh Word, Let me compose sentences providing both meaning and pleasure. Guide me towards clarity, simplicity and truthfulness, And away from the seductive path of waffle, and the words whereof the weasel availet...

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Could you cook up a headline as good as this one?

Why would you pay for an expensive, pre-packaged “home-cooked” meal? You’d feel guilty for not cooking for your family yourself. Especially in the school summer holidays. You might even feel that buying one wou...

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How to make your headlines work harder

As we all know (we do, don’t we?), headlines are there to draw your reader into your body copy. The most effective way of doing that is to either promise or imply a benefit. Why? Because people act out of self-...

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How to write the perfect headline every time: part two

Last month, we took a look at the basics of headline writing. I’m going to continue this month with seven practical tips to help you on your way. 1 When to write your headline Two schools of thought here: write...

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How to write the perfect headline every time: part one

In previous issues of MoM I have looked at the copy right at the end of the pitch – order forms and calls to action. This month, I thought I’d turn to the beginning. The headline. Now, let me ask you a question...

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Making the leap to print (or the web)

Whether you find copywriting easy or hard, there comes a point when you have finished your final draft. Everyone’s happy: the marketing manager, the marketing director, the managing director, the company mascot...

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