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medical complaints

I feel your pain

Understanding how your customer feels is crucial to establishing rapport, trust and, ultimately, the sale. In general, and perhaps a sad reflection on the human condition – or maybe just marketing –...

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Do you suffer from these three copywriting ailments?

Picture the scene. I am sitting at my desk in The Quill, trying to come up with a worthy article for you. As I wait for the muse to visit, the post arrives. Half-hidden among the direct mail, takeaway menus and...

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I was wrong (about punctuation)

If you’ve taken part in a copywriting or business writing workshop I’ve run over the last 10 years or so, or read Write to Sell, you might have been (un)lucky enough to catch one of my rants about punctuation a...

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More from the medical files

For this month’s issue, I have asked, once again, my great friend and fellow logophile, Professor Herr Doktor Andreas Maslenski, to don the Editor’s green eyeshade. Andreas has moved on from his former position...

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A doctor writes

This month, I thought I’d hand Maslen on Marketing over to my old friend and sparring partner, Dr. Andreas Maslenski. Andreas is Professor of Lexical Disabilities at the Syntactical Institute of Vienna. *** Tha...

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