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The Future of Copywriting – by Chris Smith

Here is the winning entry in our 2014 Blogging Competition – “The Future of Copywriting”. Among a strong field, Chris Smith triumphed. According to the judges: “A tightly structured and...

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Ten copywriting ‘rules’ you should break before you die

Rules, eh? Doncha just hate ’em? Do this. Don’t do that. Show me a rule and I’ll show you a baseball bat. Copywriting is plagued with rules. You know, you buy a book by someone who says they’re going to teach y...

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I feel your pain

Understanding how your customer feels is crucial to establishing rapport, trust and, ultimately, the sale. In general, and perhaps a sad reflection on the human condition – or maybe just marketing –...

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What links Darwin, road deaths, cold bugs and long copy?

How do you feel about people who say they don’t believe in evolution? What about folk who claim wearing a seatbelt causes road deaths? Or the ones who want antibiotics for their colds? There’s no evidence for t...

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The 7 telltale signs you’re reading “zombie copy”

She stands, screaming. Her feet refuse to move. She is rooted to the spot with terror. Slowly, inevitably, the bloody, walking corpse approaches. Arms outstretched, snarling, it reaches for her. It is hungry. A...

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Ten people I want to thank for teaching me what matters in writing

1 My Mum For showing me that the best way to get a company to recompense you for poor service isn’t blowing your stack at the till assistant, but by writing a calm, measured and detailed letter to the CEO, item...

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The Copywriter’s Prayer

Oh Word, Let me compose sentences providing both meaning and pleasure. Guide me towards clarity, simplicity and truthfulness, And away from the seductive path of waffle, and the words whereof the weasel availet...

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The “Childish” Sales Technique Your Clients Will Actually Thank You For Using

What is that for? Why? How did I get here? When is it my birthday? Are we there yet? Children have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge (or maybe just for answers). If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a...

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The Six Weapons of Influence

Have you heard of Robert Cialdini? He’s a US psychologist who wrote one of the definitive books on persuasion, called “Influence”. Cialdini is cited all over the place, but particularly in sales circles, for hi...

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