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The scariest blog post you will read this year

What are your goals as a freelancer? Higher sales? More free time? More respect from clients? A reputation as the go-to-guy or go-to-girl in your town, industry or profession? And how are you going about achiev...

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How I Kicked Valium and Found Peace and Success as a Public Speaker

I used to be terrified of public speaking. Sleepless terrified. Lost appetite terrified. But my job demanded that I do it. Regularly. I remember one particularly stressful conference I attended, where, two days...

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How to banish presenter’s nerves

I was talking to a freelance copywriter last week. She first contacted me a couple of years ago just ahead of a speech she had to deliver. I asked he how it went. “Brilliant!” she said. “I was nervous, but it w...

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Presentations? No sweat

A few years ago I was staying with some very good friends of mine and their neighbour called. She was hyperventilating. “There’s a…really…really…big…SPIDER!” Down the road I went to dispatch the beast, armed on...

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