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The “Childish” Sales Technique Your Clients Will Actually Thank You For Using

What is that for? Why? How did I get here? When is it my birthday? Are we there yet? Children have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge (or maybe just for answers). If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a...

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6 ways to price non-standard projects

I was talking to a very well respected freelance copywriter and author a week or so ago about fees. He’d emailed to ask me how I could apply my Never-Charge-By-The-Hour doctrine to what he called “fuzzy project...

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17 rules for being paid what you’re really worth, instead of what doesn’t feel scary

1. Realise that your client has the problem, not you. They need copy. And they’ve come to you for help. 2. They probably spend more on instant coffee in a year than you’re about to quote. 3. If they say no, you...

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