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Seven (more) reasons why copywriters should blog

Some time ago, I read a blog post by my friend and fellow copywriter, Tom Albrighton, titled, “7 reasons copywriters should blog“. It’s a great post, and in an attempt at provocation (which, I...

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Why wasn’t I told this before? Oh, wait a minute, I was.

I have just read a post by one of the most popular bloggers on content marketing, full of such pearls of bleeding-edge wisdom as: Home and other key pages should have a prominent headline. Poor colour contrast,...

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Lies, damn lies and SEO copywriting

Is anyone still shelling out cash for “SEO copywriting”? If they are, they are proving the line “there’s one born every minute”. That’s not to say that well written copy, full of rich, relevant detail, isn’t im...

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If this is SEO, include me out

Just received this email. Thought it deserved a wider audience. *** Hi, Hope you are doing well.We are an Online Marketing firm based New Delhi India.As per the trends in your industry – over 80% of people sear...

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The SEO Copywriting Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

So what’s the deal with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting? Can you, by dint of clever wordsmithery, boot a site onto the front page of Google, possibly to the very top? Or is there something else goi...

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SEO copywriting is dead

HVO copywriting is the term I propose today to replace our old friend (foe?) SEO copywriting. HVO stands for … human visitor optimisation. Yes, that person who finds themselves on your site looking for steel-br...

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SEO copywriting – black art … or brown?

In a review of one of my copywriting books, writes Andy Maslen, Ben Locker said I haven’t “…fallen for the fashionable bullshit about online copywriting – that it has its own rules, techniques and formats that...

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Eek! A spider! – How to lose your fear of search engines and write web copy that sells

Though his feet rest in the fertile soil of direct mail, these days, subscriptions copywriter Andy Maslen is as likely to be writing a landing page as a renewal series. Here he looks at the places where online...

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SEO copywriting and how to do it

These days search rankings are weighted far more heavily towards inbound and intra-site links than copy, but that’s no reason not to ensure our copy is working hard for its corn. So let’s begin by looking at th...

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