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The true meaning of “Baby on Board”

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 14.54.27What is it with those little yellow squares new parents stick to their rear windscreens?

Baby on board.

Cute little person on board.

Cheeky monkey on board.

At a copywriter’s gathering this morning we got to discussing this twinky little sign. Clearly we need to get out more.

We divided into two camps.

Camp 1: “They signal to other drivers that you’re driving slowly for a reason”.

Camp 2: “Look at me! I have a BABY!”

Camp 1’s argument would hold more water were it not for the appalling lack of concern for other road-users displayed by the average BoB driver.

Not so long ago, one of these “watch out for me, I have a BABY” drivers almost reversed into me, my two sons and about three other children on our walk to school.

She then proceeded to park on the zig-zag lines outside the school.

So Camp 2 clearly wins. The BoB sign is another piece of individualistic self-aggrandisement from the same group of people who leave your dinner party at 9.00 pm “because we have to get back for Tabitha’s feed”.

It says, “Look! We are fertile! We deserve special treatment because we have become parents.”

Far better would be a sign suckered to the inside rear screen that read:

“Smug middle-class parent aboard” – then we’d REALLY know to give them a wide berth.



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One Response to The true meaning of “Baby on Board”

  • Charlotte Fleming
    July 8, 2013

    I’ve always thought it meant “keep well back, my baby could scream any minute and cause me to swerve uncontrollably, causing a serious accident in which you might become a statistic. I am also sleep-deprived, lack concentration and am permanently on the verge of an angry nervous breakdown” :)

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