Annals of dimwitted public signs #76,671

There’s a park where I walk Merlin, my Whippet. Here Merlin-and-Andywe are posing for our picture on

Sometimes, horses kept by travellers stray onto the park.

This eventually got too much for the council, who posted this sign in an effort to deter the ‘pikeys’ (local Wiltshire slang – apologies) from treating the park as free grazing.

Now, whatever you may think of travellers, it’s fair to say that their literacy levels are none too high.

So what are we to make of the common sense levels of the person who wrote this…

2013-02-20 08.35.34









Not exactly Plain English is it?

I would say something like this is better:

To the horse owners

You must not graze your horses here. It is against the law.

Please take your horses away by Wednesday 16 January and keep them out of this park.

If you don’t, the Council can take your horses away.

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  1. allejet

    They wouldn’t be able to read it either way.

    4th April 2013 at 2:19 pm | Reply

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