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It’s a pink bra. It’s on an ad for hearing aids. Why? #FAIL


I am at a loss for words at the staggering ineptitude, sexism and downright laziness of this ad for a hearing instrument company. (We will leave, for now, the egregious use of “instrument” for “aid”.)

Do they imagine women will see a pink bra and go, “Ooh! I need a hearing aid”?

Or that men will see a pink bra and go, “Boobs. I need a new hearing aid”?

Or is the work of a pair of pubescent idiots with no understanding of advertising?

I leave you to answer the questions.

What makes me really angry? People see this and then, when they discover I am a copywriter, associate me with it.



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  1. Elspeth

    Do women really wear bras to boost their confidence…?

    30th June 2014 at 12:35 pm | Reply

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