Copywriting training tailored to your team’s needs

If you are part of a team that writes copy – for external or internal communications – why not talk to us about a bespoke course?

We can develop a workshop or copywriting event that meets your specific needs. You decide what you want to learn, and how you want to learn about it, then tell us and we come back to you with a fully-costed proposal.

courses-delegates-in-actionYour goals, our expertise

Content marketing and social media … direct marketing … tone of voice … digital content … websites and email copywriting: you choose the subject and let us take your team to a new level of competence.

We’ve run workshops for The Economist (the picture shows three of their marketing managers working on an exercise), Hanson Wade, Hargreaves Lansdown, Japan Tobacco International, PwC, BP, the RSPB, News International, World Vision, Emap, The Drum, Channel 5, and the London Stock Exchange, as well as for small and medium-sized companies.

All our workshops are very interactive and practical. We don’t subject you to death by PowerPoint and you leave equipped with new skills you can apply to your very next piece of writing.

Your training options

Here are some of the ways we can work with you:

  • One-day and half-day workshops
  • ‘Lunch and learn’ sessions
  • Webinars
  • Writers’ surgeries (individual scheduled appointments)
  • Conference sessions

What kind of copywriting interests you?

And here are some of the subjects you can ask us to cover:

  • Direct response copywriting
  • Storytelling
  • Writing for the web and email
  • Content marketing and social media
  • How to write press releases
  • Corporate communications and tone of voice
  • Internal communications
  • Advanced copywriting techniques

What to do next

The first step is to get in touch. Email or phone and tell us what you are trying to achieve. We’ll try to ask you some intelligent questions and then give you a couple of suggestions for what we can do to help you.

2 Comment(s)

  1. Sarah Wilkinson

    Hi Andy,
    We met a number of years ago. I’m currently Consumer Marketing Director at Timeinc UK and I’m looking at running a copywriting course for the subscriptions marketing team here in London. It’s an area that I feel could do with more focus. Let me know a good time for us to discuss.
    All the best

    9th April 2018 at 11:05 am | Reply
  2. Guy J Mcculloch

    Hi, I’m looking for a one day course for circa 8-10 people. To encourage error free writing (proofing skills), as well as targeting copy to readers, and most importantly writing to sell. I’m looking for a a one day course – for a Charity Based in Hammersmith. Thanks

    6th February 2019 at 10:09 am | Reply

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